Do I Need Drugs? Do I Want Drugs?

Increasing numbers of Canadians are using botanical medicines in addition to and many times instead of pharmaceutical medicines to treat health concerns. I have  gained the licensing credentials and the expertise to prescribe herbal medicines, vitamin and mineral supplements as well as pharmaceutical medicines.

As a primary care practitioner it is important to be able to decide which medicines are most appropriate and effective to choose at the right time and any potential interactions between them. I can help patients navigate through all these options in order to determine the best treatments for them. There are times when drugs are necessary and sometimes using them in certain ways allows for safer and more effective treatments.

Depression is perfect example where some people may need anti-depressant medications used judiciously to help support them through periods of time when they need it. As a prescribing naturopath and expert in both prescription and natural medicine, I can pick the right medication suited for the individual and help support the reduction and weaning off when it’s time all the while using more natural means and lifestyle changes to encourage being well without medication.

Biodentical hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and natural thyroid prescriptions are also an area where I can support a person’s symptoms using treatments that conventional practitioners tend not to know how to prescribe.