Stress is a major determinant of illness. I  believe that most chronic health conditions have a root in stress whether it is work, school, relationship, finances or family related – the impact of stress cannot be downplayed. I explore with patients the importance of acknowledging and reflecting on the connection between our mental-emotional health and our physical health.

Adrenal fatigue and Burnout are important diagnoses in naturopathic medical practices. Acute and chronic stress can influence our energy levels, mood stability, blood sugar levels, skin, hormones and overall health. I believe stress is the cause or aggravating factor in most health concerns and together with patients investigate sources of stress and ways of eliminating and coping better with them through nutritional, supplementary, and lifestyle changes. At times stress hormone testing (cortisol) can help uncover the true effect stress is having on one’s health.

Treatments like acupuncture, cupping therapy, IV therapy can be very successful at helping people cope better with their daily stresses.