Testing Inside and Outside the Box

Many times we want and need to go beyond what is offered by conventional medical testing methods to investigate our health for both preventing and monitoring disease. In addition to most conventional blood tests I offer an array of testing methods that include:

  • Blood food sensitivity testing including candida through RMA and LifeLabs
  • Comprehensive digestive stool analysis for parasites and digestive diseases through LifeLabs and Metametrix
  • Salivary hormone tests for female and male hormone balance, adrenal and stress hormone tests, urinary metabolite tests for nutritional assessment – all through RMA
  • Organic acids tests for micronutrient absorption and detoxification pathways through Metametrix
  • Ovarian assessment tests for fertility through ReproSource
  • Complete blood thyroid panel through LifeLabs
  • Scratch testing for allergies (SLIT) in office through Western Allergy Group
  • Heavy metal testing through RMA

Using these testing methods can directly reveal problems that are simple to correct.