Developing Healthy Habits at an Early Age

Our health habits begin early in life. I enjoy educating parents and children on adopting the healthiest habits. I continuously advance my training in pediatric care and I have trained under world-renowned Pediatrician Dr. Jack Newman. I have also completed certification in Advanced Obstetrics and Pediatric Care with Dr. Cathy Carlson-Rink ND RM. I believe in only using safe treatments to help with children’s health problems including infections, skin conditions like eczema, and other common health concerns of childhood. Wellness checks are important in my practice to prevent illness and I often develop programs for parents to follow their child’s health progress. During Wellness Checks we discuss many topics such as postpartum healing, teething, food introduction, frequent colds, sleep disorders and breastfeeding weaning as well as many others.

Vaccinations are a common topic brought up by parents for their children from infancy to newer suggested vaccines like Gardasil in teenagers. It is my aim to inform parents on the benefits and harms of each vaccine and help you decide what is best for your child. I also offer immune support for children when they are receiving their vaccines to best help them during a time that can bring some uncomfortable side effects.

Food allergies are also a common question for children. Foods have been implicated from symptoms like stomach pain to conditions like ADD. A simple allergy test can be the difference between a child who can’t focus in school to one who can because we have uncovered their food allergy.