The Many Benefits of Needle Therapy

Asian medicine has a long and rich history of using acupuncture to treat problems from depression and weight loss to infertility and stress management. I have extensively studied Traditional Asian Medicine and regularly incorporate acupuncture into treatment plans for patients. Many people don’t realize how painless acupuncture actually is. Using only the finest needles acupuncture is often not perceived except for the great feeling patients get during and afterwards.

Tongue and Pulse assessment is a key part of understanding a person’s diagnosis in Asian medicine. It is part a thorough assessment to uncover the underlying blockages that contribute to symptoms appearing.

In addition, I have learned techniques like myofascial trigger point releasing otherwise known as dry needling and electro-acupuncture muscle stimulation, which effectively treat many physical pain problems. A patient can come in with a complaint of chronic tendonitis anywhere on the body and dry needling can help resolve it in a matter of a few sessions. It is a remarkable therapy that releases the tension and inflammation stored in a muscle so that you can feel back to normal again quickly.

Cupping therapy is a great complement to acupuncture. It has become very popular in elite athletic circles including with olympians. Cupping offers a release of muscular tension, stagnation in circulation and provides both relaxation and pain relief.