Exploring all Methods to Help Conceive

There are many reasons why someone would have trouble conceiving or just want to optimize their chances of having a baby. I am well trained in the field of fertility medicine and proudly help people along their journey to create healthy and happy families. For women who have sadly miscarried a previous pregnancy I take an in depth look into all the factors that may have played a role including thyroid antibodies and low progesterone – two commonly overlooked problems. Please review the article I wrote for HANS regarding thyroid and progesterone support to prevent recurrent miscarriage. This can be found in the Blog section.

In my practice I use a wide variety of tools to evaluate fertility status including assessments usually reserved for fertility clinics. An example is the Ovarian Assessment Report by ReproSource. Attached is a sample report. I also offer fertility acupuncture to help with assisted reproductive therapies and to regulate menstrual cycles for optimal pregnancy planning. Fertility acupuncture has been shown to be very helpful with encouraging successful conception. I can help guide you through any stage of your fertility. I am always so proud when I’ve played a supportive role in growing a family.